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Venue Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, 171 Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215
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The Sound of a Speech

• A famous person once said “3 things matter in speech. Who says it, how he says it, what he says – and, of the three the last matters the least”.

• In other words how you appear and present yourself and relate to the audience is the most important aspect of public speaking. How often have you heard boring politicians or lecturers and turned off even though they were experts in their field? What they said meant nothing to you simply because you didn’t enjoy listening to them.

The Importance of Voice

• In speech, the voice and the words must compliment one another. Can you expect an audience to enthuse of your ideas if your voice is dull and dreary or aloof or indifferent?

• Too often speakers fail to get the most out of a sentence because they use emphasis indiscriminately.

• If you think a word is important raise your voice on that word. Alternatively use pausation. In other words stop for a few seconds and if it’s really important stop for a couple of seconds longer. When you do pause it lets the point sink in and give the audience a traffic light to say that it is an important being made.


• If a word is mispronounced because you don’t know the word it sounds unprofessional. Some of the words which are often mispronounced are the following: apparatus, deficit, despicable, irrevocable, robust.

Settling common difficulties

• Some people are lucky and have voices which are easy to listen to. The disc jockey John Laws is a pleasure to listen to as is politician Barak Obama. They have empathy and smoothness in their voice which makes it easy to listen to.

• It is important not to sound nasally, mumble or run words into each other.

• The way to do it is to record your voice until these problems are upgraded.

• Just try to get polish into your voice.

A monotonous tone

• Don’t maintain a constant tone or level from start to finish. Use what we call light and shade, in other words drop and raise your voice at the appropriate time. Just put feeling into your voice and it will show through that you are enthusiastic about the topic.

• If you are monotone then the audience will switch off like turning off the radio. Also don’t drop your voice at the end of a sentence.

Disjointed sentences

• Some speakers make little pauses all over the place and it sounds disjointed. When you use the three P’s “practice, practice, practice” these problems will be overcome.


• Avoid strine e.g. “Ladies and gen’l’m’n, What a t’rrific mess the gov’m’nt is in. J’st a cuppla years ago they talked of a temp’ry recession. Now the Sec’etree says…..”

• In Rostrum we teach a love of the English language and “strine” just doesn’t fit into that arrangement. It just sounds so unprofessional.


• Before you get up to speak just take a big breath and let the nerves flow out. The obvious way to avoid nerves is to practice, practice, practice and it because easier each time you speak.

About SpeakEasy Rostrum Club #6
Do you ever appear shy and nervous when talking with strangers?

Become frustrated when you are unable to express your point of view clearly?

Feel unprepared and awkward when presenting a report at work?

Feel like you're unable to host or run a meeting?

Find it difficult to make friends, take part in social interaction and lack a sense of belonging with like-minded people?

As a Rostrum Club, SpeakEasy is all about helping you become articulate, creative and confident when it comes to communication. As a such, we have a tiered, friendly and structured development program for our members that is self-paced. At the centre of your development is a series of speaking activities that we undertake in a safe and supportive space during our club meetings.

As one of over 200 clubs in Australia, SpeakEasy operates in our own special way to suit our members right here on the Gold Coast. So if you're coming from another Rostrum Club most things will be familiar and some may be a little different.

Whilst we do have a membership fee ($50) and a nominal weekly fee (around $5) to cover the costs of each meeting, we invite you, first, to come and observe how it all works to see if SpeakEasy is for you. You're more than welcome to attend one or two meetings to get a feel for it, see if it's something that can assist you in gaining more confidence in your job, business, social life and even at home.

SpeakEasy is a weekly club meeting on the Gold Coast and we strongly encourage that, to get the most out of the experience, that you attend a meeting weekly.

Above all, we're a friendly group welcoming of people of all backgrounds and levels of confidence. We'd love to meet you so we can show you what we're doing to increase confidence in our business and personal lives.

You can follow along with our meetings via Facebook.

QLD Forthcoming Events

Sat Oct 01, 2022 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
QRMC meeting

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